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the personal ruminations of william e. elston



the personal ruminations of william e. elston


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Paris in the Spring

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In the Spring of 2000 I went to Paris for a little over two weeks. I spent a few days in New York, both coming and going, checking into Seido Karate Honbu for some training. My friends Sue and John Perry were staying in Paris, and they had found a comfortable room for me in the 9th Arrondissement, for only $28 per night with its own facilities. It was called Hotel du Marche, and had a quaint cafe in the courtyard with two or three tables. I spent most of my time in Paris wandering the streets, visiting museums, eating fabulous food and going on at least one crazy tour around the Champs-Élysées. I also visited Mimi, the sister of former painting student Cynthia Edmonds. Mimi took me to many of the art galleries on Rue Bonaparte and elsewhere. We climbed Notre Dame Cathedral, and spent many many hours at the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre. These photos were taken during that trip, a small group culled from over a thousand images.


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William E. Elston is a professional artist and teacher living in the Pacific Northwest. He has exhibited for over 40 years, and has works in numerous public and private collections, both in the region and internationally. He is best known for urban and rural landscape images. He is also a founding member of the Northwest Figurative Artists' Alliance.

Aside from teaching painting, Mr. Elston also teaches karate, and has yondan rank in the World Seido Karate Organization.