In an article posted today at TPM Muckraker (check it) by Paul Kiel, it is reported that they are now investigating Bloch for hiring Geeks on Call to do a military grade, level 7 wipe of his and two other employees’ OSC computers, ostensibly to rid them of some virus. I suppose this passes the smell test, if you’re testing for bullshit. It’s not the first time that we’ve discovered the investigators investigating the investigators in the Bush administration. But it is a measure of the sad state of affairs that we’ve arrived at, as we watch the grand edifice of this sorry presidency collapse in upon itself.

Another revelation involves the voting section chief of the DOJ Civil Rights Division. Seems he’s been taking holiday trips on the taxpayer’s dime. Don’t strain your ears listening for sounds of outrage and protest from those Repuglicans and pundits that roundly criticized Joe Wilson’s African “junket”. What you may hear is the low hum of the White House shredders being revved up in preparation for the upcoming transfer of power in ’08, or the whispered plotting of the long list of pre-emptive pardons that will constitute the Thug-In-Chief’s final acts in office.